Really? A blog?

CushieCorrey was born out of frustration.  I have Cushing’s Disease.  In September 2014 I had the pituitary tumor (TImone) causing the Cushing’s removed.  With Cushing’s, surgery is more often the beginning than the end.  For years the tumor had been making the hormones in my body hyper secrete causing a myriad of issues including but not limited to weight gain, depression, brittle bones, irregular hair growth, any oily skin.  Over time my body adjusted to the high levels of hormones so when surgery was done to “correct the issue” normal became abnormal.  Compare it to a addict kicking cold turkey.  Recovery can take 3 to 18 months.  In my case being young(ish) works in my favor but the disease had progressed so far before being caught, I had put on so much weight it may take some time.  I have been home a month and no real progress toward a normal life, thus the frustration.

Here is to tracking progress…or the journey, pitfalls and all.


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